You have a variety of options in choosing how you can receive your personal training at The Fit Box. Be sure to review the various styles and experience that each of our trainers has, and see how this matches with your individual fitness goal. If you'd like to focus more on boxing, we have that for you. Or, perhaps you'd like more of a cardiovascular workout – we can work on that with you too. It is your choice, and we will supply you!

Consider if this is the right time for you to get personal training. Have you ever had a personal trainer? Have you had group trainers? We will discuss what options you can take and answer any questions that you might have. There will be struggles you face as you progress toward your fitness goals, but you will continue to advance when you have the guidance of a personal trainer.

Our personal trainers are certified professionals. They will look over your intake form and take into consideration any injuries or health concerns that you might have. And do not let any of these conditions stop you! In fact, if you have any additional concerns, it is best for you to work with a personal trainer, as your trainer will understand what your individual needs are. This is important in creating your fitness regimen and schedule.

Our personal trainers also work closely with our massage therapists. Your personal trainer can inform you of how your body is responding to your fitness routine. This information is passed on to our massage therapists, and your recovery can be further enhanced through our sports massage.

We have a wide variety of personal trainers available for you here at The Fit Box in Fenton, MI! Come stop by our studio and speak with us about having your initial personal training session!