Jodie's Journey- There are Worse Things Than the Muffin Top!

The end of week 4! I’m not going to lie, the first month was hard. I had to get use to a new diet and exercising regularly. I’m proud of my efforts so far but my goal for the next month is to get in a few more workouts a week. I can’t always make it to The Fit Box because of my insane work schedule but I would like to get in some home workouts also. I am a couch potato at heart though, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m also proud of the fact that I didn't cheat on the Keto diet even once in the last month. I can see some results even after the first month which brings me to my topic this week, favorite and least favorite body parts.

Even friends of mine, with what appear to me to have perfect bodies, have a body part they hate. I’ve advised them that if I had their bodies I would never wear clothes and proudly walk around naked everywhere, but none the less they still moan about the microscopic dimples in their thighs or tiny little pouches. I don't know anyone who is a hundred percent happy with their bodies but usually we all have one part we like and one that we really hate.

Let’s go back to junior high, I wanted boobs so bad. Well I learned pretty quick that you really do have to be careful what you wish for. By 6th grade I was a Double D and was enduring frequent bra strap snaps by obnoxious boys and the nickname Dolly. (as in Dolly Parton) They were perky for about a day and then for the rest of my teens and most of my adult life, pointed straight down. Isn’t gravity a bitch. Running and High impact activity was painful and downright dangerous. I hated wearing the “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder” bra, which by the way, left permanent indentations in my shoulders. I couldn't wear form fitting pajamas or sexy negligees, just not as sexy when your boobs hang down to your belly button. Also, out of the question was low-cut shirts that you can’t wear with a full support bra. So, thru my thin years this was my least favorite body part. Any weight gain I incurred thru the years would go straight to my thighs,forming saddle bags and then this would become my new least favorite body part. You can disguise saggy boobs with a bra but there is no help for the saddle bags. Once I would drop the extra pounds the saddle bags would go away and the focus was back on the droopy girls.

Fast forward to February 2014. This is when I found out I had Breast Cancer.I’m not going to go into all the scary Morbid-ness of this time in my life, but focus on the positive instead.

After the initial shock wore off and a plan was in place to get rid of it, I learned that I would get a free boob job!! Whoa…What??? It was like angels singing from heaven! They gave me a choice of implants or a reduction and lift. I chose the reduction and lift. Finally, I would have the small C’s I had always wanted! Not only were they a more manageable size but they were as perky as a 13 year old girls! Hello spaghetti straps! Hello strapless! I referred lovingly to my new favorite body part as Franken-Boobies. They literally cut them apart and put them back together. After they got them to the right size they cut off the nipples and reattached them

to their rightful place at the front of the breast! They never had that view before and now like to lead wherever we go!

One misconception I had about Chemotherapy was that everyone receiving it lost a ton of weight. This was going to be one of the positive things I got out of the whole ordeal, but apparently, is not the case for everyone. Some people gain weight during chemo and just my luck, I happened to be one of these people. That was the beginning of the slow and steady climb over the last three years to 200 pounds. I am very unhappy with the weight gain, but I am happy to say that I have been Cancer FREE since 2015!

Now, as I approached and surpassed the 200-pound mark, I noticed a very disturbing thing happen to my stomach. I developed what I call the Flop-Over. It’s one step further then the muffin top. It’s when the belly gets so fat that it folds over like an envelope flap. I was mortified!! I’d never really had a belly problem and I knew then that I really needed to do something. My body was out of control. Needless-to-say, that became my new least favorite body part, taking the lead from thunder thighs.

So, I tell you all this because in this first month I’ve lost 10 pounds and that 10-pound loss appears to be the flop-over! My stomach is now back to just being “Pouchy”. I’m not saying I’m happy with my stomach yet, but it is now tied with thunder thighs. However, no matter how much weight I lose and how “In shape” I get, Franken-boobies will always reign supreme in the battle for favorite body part!

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