Jodie "The Public Punching Bags" Journey of the Shinking Mclardy Muffin Top

My occupation title is Public Punching Bag, AKA 911 Operator/Dispatcher. The people who call 911 are not calling to say, “Hey, I’m having a great day! How about you?” They are calling because they are upset about something and because I am just a faceless voice on the line they tend to take their bad day out on me. Most people think the stress of this job comes from taking calls such as people not breathing, shootings, home invasions, police chases etc. Not the case. These calls are pretty routine and the people involved are usually cooperative. The stressful part of this job are the belligerent people who call because they can’t get along with someone. This could be a significant other, neighbor, friend or someone they just met and decide…Hey I don’t like you, lets fight! These calls make up about 85 percent of the calls we take and usually involve alcohol and stupidity. I can’t even count the times I have been mother f@#$#d, called a bitch, stupid, lazy and sometimes all of these in one call. I know that most people think that people call 911 for real medical emergencies. also, not the case. Half of the people calling for ambulances are calling because they have an ear, throat, toe ache…cold, flu, splinter. And NOBODY wants to answer the questions we are required to ask. The response I get on most calls is, “Why are you asking me so many questions you stupid B#$%h! Just get them the F&*k out here!”

People wonder why 911 operators are so disconnected. We have to stay disconnected to survive in this job. So, I think It only fitting that a Public Punching Bag should decide to punch on some bags to get fit! There is definitely some satisfaction in taking out my aggression on a punching bag that is not me. I have never liked working out. I am not one of these fitness junkies that get some kind of “high” from working out. It is a chore for me. Never the less, I have worked out in the past to stay in shape and so i could eat potatoes and skittles daily. Then, 2 years ago, I started experiencing excruciating pain in both of the tops of my feet. I thought I had stress fractures, but the doctor says its tendonitis. i tried several shoes, shoe inserts, different workouts. Nothing helped. This is when I stopped working out and since I have never met a carb I didn't like, ballooned up to 200 pounds.

Enter Christa Plante, the genius mastermind/owner of the The Fit box. She had been trying to get me to come down and try it for years and I finally decided to give it a try. I have been doing it for 2 weeks now and my feet have not hurt once! I was very skeptical when I saw that you don’t wear shoes for the workout. What? No support for my oh so wussy feet? But I guess no shoes was the answer. I wish I had figured that out before spending hundreds of dollars on shoes! I love that it is low-impact but works every part of your body and like I said, the satisfaction of punching a bag.

Another great thing about this gym is the fact that you have a personal trainer every time. I used to go to a personal trainer who charged me a hundred and twenty dollars a week for three 1- hour sessions. I feel like I'm getting the same service at The Fit Box with way more money left in my pocket! That being said, it’s hard! This is not an easy workout for a couch potato eating person like me. I’m out of shape and carrying 60 extra pounds of baggage. I have not reached the point where it is “Fun” yet. Right now I’m just trying not to die.

I’ve been to two trainers so far and both are very encouraging with easy to follow instructions. The second week I decided to sign up for a 90-min class. Normally I wouldn't sign up for 90 mins of torture. Calling up the Public Punching Bags and being carried out on a stretcher is not my idea of Fun, but it was being offered in the time frame that I needed so I decided to give it a shot. The instructor for this class has the body I’ve only dreamed of. Not an ounce of fat on her. Her arms were cut like I’d never seen in someone so thin. Pure muscle. She also makes the energizer bunny look weak and tired! She was right in the trenches working out with us. However, she was doing 100 burpees to my one, with a couple of backflips and cartwheels thrown in for fun! Mid backflip she’s yelling, “Keep going! You can do it! It’s your body, make it what you want!” or something like that. I was in shock and awe of the physical feats she was performing and not really paying attention...

Concentrating on not dying of course. I think when I get into better shape it really will be a fun workout. If you haven’t tried Fit boxing and are looking for a total body workout that doesn't hurt your feet, you should definitely try it. They torture you the first time for Free!

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