Detoxify Your Body!

One of the best things you can do for your body is to rid it of dangerous toxins. Anything from your skin, hair and nails to the organs and cells keeping you working like a well-oiled machine can be disrupted. Unfortunately, in today's times, we try so hard to be healthy we're willing to try anything! And sometimes, we have those times where we want to be healthy but don't have any idea where to start or we find excuses that prevent us from doing so.

We all have those times that we have pain, aches, feeling sluggish...and it seems like you should be perfectly healthy. Well, that's because you should be! Your health should be a Priority!

Centuries ago, people from different cultures have practiced detoxifying the body for a healthier, fuller life. When we talk about detoxifying our bodies we are taking the time to give it rest, cleaning it and nourishing from the inside out. By taking time out of our busy schedules to protect our body, we can protect it from diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to Deborahann Smith from Gaiam Life; Smith talks about key factors of detoxification. Anything from how detoxifying works and how to begin to what are signs you should be detoxifying.


Smith informed us about some of the favorite detox diets including Fruit and Veggie Detox to Juice and Smoothie Detox. Each time you give your body a chance to detox, you are giving the blood in your body to clean and become more pure; the way your body should be.

In addition to Smith's Detox diet, there are 10 Ways to Help your body Detoxify:

1. Eat Plenty of Fiber

2. Take herbs & Drink Tea

3. Take Vitamin C

4. Drink Plenty of Water (2 Quarts)

5. Breathe Deeply

6. Transform Stress by emphasizing positive emotions

7. Hydrotherapy

8. Sweat in Sauna to rid body of waste through persperation

9. Dry-brush your skin removing toxins through pores

10. Exercise...Fitness Boxing, Yoga, jump roping etc.

Make sure you consult your doctor before using any health treatments.

Your body is a system working together to sustain life. We need to make sure we keep it as clean and healthy as possible, to provide the best outcome for living.

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