Let's Be Productive!

When it comes to being productive, let's be honest, we tend to come a little short. And of course there are the rest of us that have a hard time with work-life balance.

Well here's some simple steps to help you stay focused and productive:

1. Make a Plan

Set goals for yourself by making a list or mark it down on your calendar. Set time aside for the important things and set a time limit. Don't work 13 hours in a row, but set a time to begin working, a lunch break and an end time. By doing this you are setting goals for yourself and making yourself more productive.

2. Smell the Coffee!

Every household has at least one coffee pot that you can set on a timer, if you don't then it just gives you extra motivation to get up and start it yourself! The smell of coffe always seems to give you the extra boost for starting your day. Smell the delicious, caffienated goodness!

3. Practice Self-Care

Self Care goes a long way. When we say to take care of yourself, WE MEAN IT! By making sure that you have breakfast and lunch while during your already planned day of work, you can stay healthy and be able to do more. When you don't take care of yourself, you are at risk to sickness which makes you want to take time off, then you get backed up with things that need to be done, and it just becomes a mess. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.

4. Prep During a Communte

Preparation is the key! Driving to places of importance can be time-consuming, but if you practice a speech or go over notes you are more likely to remember what you are talking about with clients and become more personable. There's nothing like talking to people with notes in front of us and sounding like robots. Make the prep time count and you'll look better in the long run.

5. CONQER Tough Tasks First

We all have those moments where we just get the easy things done and leave the tough ones for last, then of course we end up regretting it. CONQUER those tasks first!! By taking the initiative to finish tough projects you are not only becoming a superhero for problem solving, but you maintain skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and time management.

There are so many ways to keep yourself motivated and ready to conquer anything. These are just a few steps to get you started. Be constantly looking for new ways to be productive!

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