Positive Vibes for 2016

Let's be honest, one of the hardest things in life is maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. But why is that? We have so many wonderful things that has happened, are happening or will happen; yet we still find some way of talking negative.

Well, after reading How Positive Thinking Builds Your Skills, Boosts Your Health, and Improves Your Work by James Clear; you may have a different way of thinking.


Let me start off like this, I always wanted to believe in the power of positive thinking, but there was always holding me back. I know you are all thinking of something right now that had, is or will just be an excuse. STOP IT! Only we, ourselves, can change for the better!

Once wonderful example of positive thinking is right here at the Fit Box in Fenton, MI! The owner here built the Fit Box on a Dream. Her positive thinking and faith in the big guy upstairs created something amazing. THE FIT BOX. Not only was the Fit Box a dream, it is now a reality to help others of all shapes, sizes, colors, disabilities and more! You get an amazing workout in a family-type environment. Now, what I mean by this is that, when you join you become part of the family, not just another number like those big corporation of gyms. We call you by name, welcome you and provide an amazing experience; all on Positive Vibes.

Now back to the point, James Clear talks about how postitive think not only helpe you in your mood, but in everything you do in life! That's pretty BIG!

Thanks to James Clear this is a perfect example: "A child who runs around outside, swinging on branches and playing with friends, develops the ability to move athletically (physical skills), the ability to play with others and communicate with a team (social skills), and the ability to explore and examine the world around them (creative skills). In this way, the positive emotions of play and joy prompt the child to build skills that are useful and valuable in everyday life."

This looks pretty good doesn't it! The skills that are created due to positive attitudes stay with you long after the emotions are gone. With positive thinking comes happiness, with happiness comes better, stronger skills for the journey ahead.

The most important part about all of this is...it only takes ONE. Just one positive thought can create another, and another, and ANOTHER; then before you know it, you are on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Can't find anything positive? First of all, shame on you! There has to be something! And second of all, don't worry, Mr. Clear gave some pretty good ideas to help:

1. Meditation:

daily increased mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, decreased illness symptoms

2. Writing

positive experiences, better mood levels, fewer visits to health centers, fewer illnesses

3. Playing

experience adventure with contentment and joy, explore and build new skills

Positive thinking is more than just thinking, it's believing in what you are thinking. The only way to be a better You is to take that step towards being a New You. Let's make this New Year the best one yet and start off with a bang!

Remember, it only takes ONE positive thought!

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