Fit Boxing Tips for the Holidays

We always say that this season will be one to remember. But will it? OF COURSE IT WILL! There is always something special about each holiday that will keep us going when we're busy trying to survive the rest of the year!

Fortunately for you! This Holiday is going to Keep you in Check! We've got 10 tips for staying in tune with your body this holiday season.

Tip #1: Drink 2 Glasses of Water Before Every Meal

Health Authorities suggest that drinking 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day will keep you up to par! Well, of course this makes sense when us as human beings have bodies that are made of 60-70% water! You might be thinking...holy crap that's a lot of water...and...I don't have time for that. When it comes to keeping your body healthy, drinking plenty of water will help curb your appetite for the goodies and encourage you to eat less!

Tip #2: Set Goals

This one is important! If you aren't setting goals for yourself, then who will? Think about what you want to achieve. Where do you want to be with your body? How do you want to feel? It's always important to have something to work towards. In the end, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself for avoiding those empty calories and dominating the holiday season! We've found that if you write down little motivation quotes or things to tell yourself every day and stick them in the bathroom or refrigerator, then you are more likely to stay motivated!

Tip #3: Use a Small Plate

This is a biggie! Of course we look forward to the holidays for an important reason...FOOD! But what happens when the family gathers around the table? It's like a BATTLEFIELD!! We take our large plates and devour as much delicious food as we can! We eat and eat until we become so stuffed we have to put our sweat pants on! GO FOR THE SMALL PLATE! By going for the small plate, YOU are in control of your portions; NOT the other way around! And we're not saying stay on a strict and I both know that it's harder than it looks! It's ok to have a cupcake or cookie, just don't over indulge yourself. Control your portions; Don't let them control you!

Tip #4: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Get that body moving! Go for a walk, a run OR...the FIT BOX (hint hint). Having an exercise routine is a great way to make it through the holidays. Not to mention, it frees up your body for those delicious calories. Don't forget...BE ACTIVE! Get your workout in and you will still feel great even after the goodies are gone!


We all know that dreaded When we get in the zone, we push our FAVORITE treats away. The food avoidance technique isn't necessarily the best this time of year. By creating a (drumroll please) REWARD DAY, this helps you to avoid splurging during the holiday season AND give you that one day to look forward to a week! The ULTIMATE GOAL is to eat as healthy as possible for 6 days a week, then pick a day where you can allow yourself to eat those foods (still in portions) that you've been craving ALL WEEK!

Tip #6: DON'T Drink your CALORIES

We all know that the holidays have the best DRINKS!! And let's face it...sometimes we feel like we need them! It's alright to enjoy your favorite beverage, BUT don't forget that all those special drinks like EggNog and Sodas are FULL of EMPTY CALORIES -- just because it's a drink, doesn't mean it won't cause you to gain weight! Watch out!

Tip# 7: Don't Skip Meals

Let's face it, we as a human race are constantly moving. We're always on the run which leaves us forgetting about our own health. Being so busy, keeps us from taking control of our health! You may think that skipping breakfast or lunch will be fine, BUT in reality it can actually cause you to GAIN WEIGHT! We definitely don't want that! By not eating the right amount of meals to keep your body going, your body thinks that it is "starving", so it stores that fat for later (not knowing when it will be nourished again). MAKE SURE to keep that metabolism buring and fuel your body by NOT SKIPPING MEALS!

Tip #8: EAT 5 Times a Day

We are always told to eat three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but little do we know you are supposed to eat 5 times a day! You may think that this is a lot, but in all reality this is 3 meals and 2 snacks. By giving your body that little extra snack, it will boost you metabolism and keep you going through those busy shopping days! NOW, that doesn't mean that picking up some Taco Bell or McDonalds on the way to your next trip is the way to go. It's called planning ahead! Eating whatever you want defeats the purpose and ALL those other tips I just gave you fly right out the WINDOW!! Pick something healthy, protein will help you stay satisfied until your next meal. By doing this, you are helping your body stay fueled and also keep you from overeating at meal times. (Setting alarms help to keep you on track!)

Tip #9: Dress Your Best

I bet you are thinking, what in the world are you talking about!? The number one rule, AVOID EATING IN SWEATS! When we eat in those Oh-So-Comfortable Yoga Pants or Sweat Suits, we feel so comfortable that we feel we can tame any type of food that comes along! Unfortunately, we aren't superheros that have out of this world metabolisms. The best thing for us to do is Wear Clothes that DON'T STRETCH. By wearing your awesome holiday dress, you can easily tell when you are full and don't need anything more of your mom's favorite goodies!


Tip #10: Find an Accountability Buddy

This is such an important tip. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that are just like me. I love the feeling of getting a workout, but it's a process just to get that process started. And of course, the holidays...DON'T HELP!! I've found that finding a person or group of people that have the same goals as you, will help you stay accountable. When we have someone helping out (not micro-managing) we seem to help keep those goals in place. Those goals become EASIER to ACHIEVE. Grab a friend, have them join you, work out together and make it FUN!

NOW, THAT WASN'T SO BAD! These tips are so obtainable that you you can taste the frosting on the sugar cookies!! These tips aren't just for the holidays, but the rest of the year! Your goals for managing your weight this holiday season just got a little bit easier. Take it one day at a time, get a routine and KNOCK OUT that holiday Weight Gain! Plus, you're already one step ahead on your New Year's Resolution!

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