The Fit Box was created by a group of devoted fitness trainers here in Fenton, MI. Our mission is to provide you with an innovative, sustainable fitness routine that can include personal training, boxing fitness, and yoga. Our many years of training have allowed us to continue to hone the best services we can provide so you can have the fitness experience you want.

Have you been considering getting a personal trainer? Well, we have a variety of them for you to choose from! Get familiar with our staff of trainers, who are professionally certified and eager to assist you in improving your health.

Find out more about our success stories and what is happening now within our studio. At The Fit Box, we are determined to have everyone feel like a winner and become part of a thriving community. Don't put it off any longer; you can do this!

We welcome people of all ages and all levels of fitness. We will work with you, whatever your strengths or weaknesses may be! Check out our class schedule, and feel free to ask us any questions. This will help you decide the different options you can choose from to make this the best fitness routine for you right now.

Come in and take a studio tour! Meet with one of our personal trainers today!