THE The Fit Box 

Knock Out Covid-19

Health & Safety Procedures 

Your our #1 Priority 

1. Contactless Check-in: 

     * Members: Use our "Mobile Pass" Door Access

     * Visitors:  Will be Greeted at the Door, for Covid Screening

2. Contactless Tempature Checks at Door

3. Sanitizer is Provided at the entrance for use Both on your In & Out

     * Muliple Sanitizer Installed throughout our Facility 

4. Masks: 

     * Staff will wear mask when unable to be 6 Ft apart

     * Masks are Optional for Clients, However Recommended to use

       When not doing Heavy Cardio (Due to over-all Health Concerns) 

     * Mask Available at the Front Door for anyone needing one

5. Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Latex & Powder Free), are provided for use 

of Equipment. 

     * Anyone choosing not to wear the Nitrile Gloves are asked to sanitize

       their equipment Both before & after use. 


     * We have arranged our class schedule to allow for more time in between

       classes, Staff will sanitize equipment im between each class. 

       On top of our Normal Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures. 

     * Our Matted Floors are Sanitized Twice a Day!

6. What's Social Distancing look like here? 

     * 2 Mat Squares in between you = 6 Ft

     * Heavy bags are ALL marked for appropriate Distance 

7. Contacless Sanitizing and Hand Washing Equipment including: 

     * Touchless Faucets, Paper towel, hand soaps, sanitizers, EVEN 

       Toilet Seat Sanitizer!! :D 

     * We even have a hand held UV Light Wand we use at the front desk

       for Extra Sanitizing protection for electronics such as our Ipad Pos 

      system, (Your more than welcome to use it for your cell phones while

      Your here too :) 

8. Because we are a Smaller Facility we have taken Further Safety 

    Precautions, with a Sanitaire UV Room Air Sanitizer Unit. That will 

    Be continuously Sanitizing the air in the Facility, (Same units being

    used by Hospitals in Surgical Rooms)

  Optional Recommendations: 

     * Bringing a Clean towel for Floor work

     * Gym Bag with a change of clothes 

     * Water bottles with "Pop Tops" , or bottles you dont have to 

       Consistently touch to open. 



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