THE The Fit Box 

Health & Safety Procedures 

Your our #1 Priority 

1. Contactless Check-in: 

     * Members: Use our "Mobile Pass" Door Access

     * Visitors:  Will be Greeted at the Door, for Covid Screening

2. Contactless Temperature Checks at Door

3. Sanitizer is Provided at the entrance for use Both on your In & Out

     * Multiple Touchless Sanitizer's Installed throughout our Facility 

4. Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free), are provided for use 

on Equipment. 

     * Anyone choosing not to wear the Nitrile Gloves are asked to sanitize

       their equipment Both before & after use. 


     * We have arranged our class schedule to allow for more time in between

       classes, Staff will sanitize equipment in between each class. 

       On top of our Normal Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures. 

     * Our Matted Floors are Sanitized Twice a Day!

5. What's Social Distancing look like here? 

     * 2 Mat Squares in between you = 6 Ft

     * Heavy bags are ALL marked for appropriate Distance 

6. Contactless Sanitizing and Hand Washing Equipment including: 

     * Touchless Faucets, Paper towel, hand soaps, sanitizers, EVEN 

       Toilet Seat Sanitizer!! :D 

     * We even have a hand held UV Light Wand we use at the front desk

       for Extra Sanitizing protection for electronics such as our I-pad  

      system, (Your more than welcome to use it for your cell phones while

      Your here too :) 

7. Because we are a Smaller Facility we have taken Further Safety 

    Precautions, with a Sanitaire UV-C Room Air Sanitizer Unit. That is 

     continuously Sanitizing the air in the Facility, (Same units being

    used by Hospitals in Surgical Rooms)

  Optional Recommendations: 

     * Bringing a Clean towel for Floor work

     * Gym Bag with a change of clothes 

     * Water bottles with "Pop Tops" , or bottles you don't have to 

       Consistently touch to open.