As your number one choice for boxing fitness, The Fit Box provides you with state of the art trainers to help you advance your boxing technique. Not only will you reap the rewards of this sustainable, full body exercise, but you will also increase your level of boxing prowess. Our goal isn't just to have you in great shape; we want you to be able to perform with accuracy and full range of movement. Exercising properly in the proper form is essential to your health and wellness!

We have all the equipment you'll need at our studio here in Fenton, MI. For your boxing fitness, we have heavy bags, speed bags, double ended bags, and pads. We do everything it takes to allow you to feel like you are in the ring and ready to go. You will release the stress and tension of your day while toning your body throughout your workout!

We also emphasize weight loss and staying lean with our boxing fitness routine. We understand that it is your goal to reduce fat and increase muscle! Therefore, we like to incorporate a cardiovascular component to your boxing fitness routine. We will work with you to create your individually balanced routine to meet your specific personal needs.

As you may or may not know, boxing is more than just throwing punches, it is a full body workout. You can easily burn over a thousand calories in one boxing workout!

For your boxing fitness routine, we make sure to warm up so that your blood will be pumping and your muscles will loosen up. We'll guide you through some of the basic combinations, interspersed with short periods of active rest. This will help you keep your heart rate up while continuing your stride and focus throughout your workout. And, we always end with toning exercises and a cool down that includes necessary stretching.

Contact us to find out how you can schedule some time with one of our trainers for your boxing fitness at The Fit Box!